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Traditional Upholstery

Through the years, each generation has adopted and developed its very own unique and individual ways of upholstering and manufacturing furniture. Using first-class elements such as horse hair, coil springs, hand-stitching and studding, alongside the most timeless methods of production. We endeavor to bestow each individual piece of furniture, both new and old, with an ageless touch of traditionalism and flair.

Some of the most common styles we deal with include:

  • Baroque
  • French styles including Louis XV
  • Georgian
  • French styles including Louis XVI
  • Victorian
  • Art Nouveau
  • Edwardian
  • Art Deco

Antique Restoration

Only the very most classic and traditional methods of restoration are applied in order to revive antique furniture. When attempting to put life back into aged pieces, our main aim is to carefully restore furniture back to its original condition as close as possible.


We offer an extensive range of repairing services to suit your specific needs. Once again, we use only the most outstanding repair and refurbishment techniques available in order to ensure that your furniture remains in superb condition for many years to come.

Custom-Made Furniture

Using some of the most finest craftsmanship techniques to construct unique and individual pieces to suit your specific design and lifestyle needs. The most prestigious products are used in the manufacturing process in order to obtain a result of brilliance and quality that is more than satisfactory to the client. All our furniture is manufactured in Australia.

French Polishing

A technique originating from around the 1800's involving the application of a blend of both shellac and alcohol in thin coats, in order to obtain a very high gloss, deep colour and tough surface.

Loose Covers

Specially tailored to give your furniture a newly, re-upholstered look. Loose covers can be a clever and beneficial idea, as they are removable allowing the user to switch between designs to suit their particular mood, lifestyle and living climate. All covers also have the ability to be either dry-cleaned or machine washed, making the cleaning process more convenient than that of a typically upholstered piece of furniture.

Bed Heads

Using quality materials designing bedheads to any specification.

Diamond and Elongated Buttoning

This type of upholstery is known as Craftsmanship Upholstery. It is an art form very few upholsterers know how to do. Various methods of deep buttoning can be used. We specialise in buttoning with flock and horsehair. Foam can also be used but not advised.

Recent Project Images

Some of our recent works include some of the most prestigious furniture dating back to the early 1800's

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Our Upholstery Services
Recoll Upholstery specialise in bringing your antiques furniture back to life. We do this by using only traditional methods and the finest materials. Read More!

Our Restoration Process
All work is undertaken by our specialist team of upholsterers,
who only restore your precious furniture by using traditional methods. Read More!

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